From medical prevention, through to personalised advanced screening, global medical case management, COVID-19 management & rehabilitation, ,medical concierge, emotional mental health, you have the best team at your back.

Live a longer and happier life: changes made today bring benefits tomorrow.

Our Medical Prevention Management Service will help you better understand your individual risk, to develop certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and diabetes, giving you an opportunity for prevention and early diagnosis long before diseases actually appear. This reassurance will enable you to proactively manage your health and wellbeing, enjoying the progress you make.

This is based on our long-standing experience in managing patients from different ethnicities, countries, backgrounds and healthcare systems. This allowed us to recognise the need for a holistic and tailored approach, and also provided us with the tools, knowledge and infrastructure to deliver personalised medical care.

At Medix ONE we will be by your side whenever and wherever you need someone to take up the burden of international healthcare.

When it comes to your health, we’ll ensure that you have priority access to the best the world can offer whether travelling from your home country, or when in need of medical evacuation for non-emergencies while abroad.

Keeping you and your family healthy is our main goal and priority.

As a Medix ONE member, you and your family will benefit from the flexibility and convenience of being able to schedule a Teleconsultation with your medical case team whenever needed.

Our family service covers the Medix ONE member and partner, plus their adult children age 18 – 26.

Our Polypharmacy Management service begins with an assessment and review of your current medications and prescriptions schedule by a team of doctors and clinical pharmacists.

We will then work with you to formulate an updated, safe and effective medications plan and implement an ongoing monitoring service to make sure that your prescriptions continue to be optimised for their maximum medicinal impact.

Making the world’s most advanced medical expertise your medical expertise.

It can happen without warning. In a single second, your whole world can be turned upside down and you suddenly find yourself struggling to cope with uncertainty about your health and future.

The following days and weeks after a diagnosis can be extremely stressful as you wonder whether you’ve been given the right one, what it means and the kind of treatment options you face.

This is why the Personal Global Medical Case Management Service was the first one that we launched. We can proudly share that we have made a real difference in many people’s lives by reaching the correct diagnosis and best possible treatment plan using the most advanced medical knowledge and state of the art medical technologies.

The medical world can be complex and confusing. Medix is here to help you to navigate it with a duty of care towards excellence and your dignity.

Our Covid-19 services are specifically geared towards the global pandemic’s multi-faceted and ever evolving nature. We’re also conscious of how the virus has been exerting a unique toll on many people’s physical and mental health whether they’ve suffered from it or not.

At Medix ONE, our Clinical Research Department, global medical specialists and paramedical experts stand at the forefront of the world’s changing understanding about how to manage and treat Covid-19’s lingering effects.

Our decade-and-a-half experience in navigating patients through complex medical conditions also enables us to take a joined up and whole mind-body approach to understanding what needs to be done to get you or a family member back on your feet again.



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